Italian 19th Century White Marble Sphinx

Available as Lot 210 Important French Furniture, Sculptures, and Works of Art Auction until April 14th Sotheby’s Paris.

Italian White Marble Sphinx

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

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Wrought-Iron Italian Gates Circa 1800

These wrought-iron gates wouldn’t look right on just any fabulous mansion – you’d need a certain quirky demeanor in the owner and the property to pull it off, I would say.  I think what I enjoy most about these iron gates is how they have a three-dimensional quality, particularly in the center.  The iron teardrops, scrolls, leaves, and just overall sense of whimsy is so convincing.  You might even say this gate has a delicate feel to it!  Hardly something to search out in a gate, but a design feat nonetheless to create something so light and airy out of wrought iron.

Available as Lot 133 in the Hanham Court – Pastoral Idyll Auction until April 14th at Christie’s London –  South Kensington.

Italian Wrought Iron Gates

Monday, April 12th, 2010

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Italian Rococo Walnut and Fruitwood Parquetry Commode

This is really the kind of piece to make you salivate – it has a natural elegance to it, incredibly detailed without bragging about it.  The inlay is masterful, but what I really like is the wood selection and how they’ve centered the interesting part of the grain (is that…burl walnut?) smack in the middle of the front curves.  The feet are also lovely; a bit staunch, but they fit the overall scale quite nicely.  So refined and so understated, this is exactly the kind of item I’d like to pick up one of these days.  Leave it to the Italians…

Available until April, 1st as Lot 101 in the Fine European Furniture including Tapestries, Silver, Ceramics and Carpets Auction at Sotheby’s New York Offices.

Italian Walnut and Fruitwood Commode

Friday, March 19th, 2010

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Italian High-Back Settee by Paolo Buffa

I really like the form of this vintage 50s Italian settee – it’s not the original upholstery, but I think the new look suits it quite well.  It’s attributed to Paolo Buffa, a mid-century Italian designer I assume but cannot find any information about, but the print is by the venerable Jane Churchill.  I think it probably appeals more so right now than other because it’s been such a cold, snowy February and everyone in New York is in the mood for spring.  What better way to celebrate Easter than popping some chocolate robin eggs on your vintage settee.

Available through Beyond Gorgeosity Antiques and Interior Design. I know, simply dreadful name.  Gorgeosity?  Ugh.

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

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