19th Century Austrian Terracotta Fireplace

Antique Austrian Fireplace

There are fireplaces and then there are fireplaces.  This is the latter.  This particular piece is especially notable because it was commissioned for the Habsbourg-Lorraine family in the 19th Century, the royal family of Austria at the time.  While the Habsbourg-Lorraines weren’t the same family as the more famous and influential Habsbourgs , they took over control of Austria after the true Habsbourgs died out and took on the name.   This fireplace features three coats of arms – the Habsbourg-Lorraines on the left, the House of Austria in the center and the House of Bavière (a region of Germany just to the north of Austria) on the right.   Spectacular in its construction in detail, it has the far rarer appeal of historical significance that pushes the price up somewhat considerably.  I’ll tell you though, if I owned a sprawling castle in Austria, this would be just the thing to keep me warm après-ski.  Available until April 1st as Lot 256 in the Origines, Architecture, & Heritage, Decoration and Garden Sanctuary Auction at Sotheby’s in Paris.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

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