Pair of Victorian Slipper Chairs

Another gem from Britain, these slipper chairs stand out from the crowd thanks to some chunky, luxuriously apportioned carvings supporting the back.  The wood is clearly in excellent condition, the walnut has stayed bright so the piece has a high degree of contrast.  And even the black upholstery is lightened a bit from the waxed fabric, which picks up more of a reflective glow than you might expect.  Antony Todd is known for a distinctive and bold style and this piece seems classically him.

Available through Antony Todd in New York.

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

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William & Mary Burled Elm, Fruitwood and Walnut Chest

Marquetry is among the most advanced forms of carpentry art out there and this piece is an absolute masterpiece in burl.  Thought to be made by Gerrit Jensen, famed craftsmen to the British crown in the late 18th century, the decadence of this piece is just astounding.  It really is a shock and awe kind of piece for antique-hounds.  The inlay is so delicate and the details are so fine; this chest simply vibrates with the man hours spent creating it.  And may I say bravo to the gallery and former owners for keeping this treasure in such immaculate condition.

Available through the incomparable Kentshire Galleries in New York

Monday, October 11th, 2010

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Regency Green and Line-Painted Tub Bergère

This bergère has seen better days, in fact, you could say that it’s been thoroughly beat to hell.  Some people find that appealing, but I am not one of them.  This is appealing to me from a fixer-upper point of view, and probably a bargain in its current form.  I would have it restored immediately, though it would be very difficult to part with that fantastic upholstery pattern.  Still, the shape and form and very nice and I would certainly find another bold pattern to switch out with the existing fabric, which almost reminds me of the artwork you see in the tile work on many mosques.

Available as Lot 251 in the Hanham Court – Pastoral Idyll Auction until April 14th at Christie’s London – South Kensington.

Regency Tub Bergere

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

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Isabel Bannerman’s “Oriental Poppy”

Well known for her work sculpting the Prince of Wales’s garden at Highgrove as well as the gardens of other aristocrats, Isabel Bannerman is something of a garden celebrity.  It seems only fitting that such an artful yet natural work would come from her.  These limited edition prints are offered on sale along with many other antiques and works from their home at Hanham Court on sale this coming week at Christie’s.  I’ve featured a few items from the sale this week, and having looked through the catalog I can say that the Bannermans have exquisite taste as well as what must be a limitless budget to have filled their home with so many treasures.  In fact, it makes me wonder what they couldn’t bear to part with and what still resides in their manor.  Hopefully one day I’ll get to find out.

For those that are interested in the manor itself, you can actually stay at Hanham Court Gardens and see the Bannermans’ cave of wonders for yourself.

Available as Lot 33 in the Hanham Court – Pastoral Idyll auction at Christie’s London – South Kensington until April 14th.

Isabel Bannerman Oriental Poppy

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

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Modern English ‘Gothick’ Side Table by Thomas Farnolls-Pritchard

Fairly spectacular in detail, this table is certainly one of the highlights at the upcoming Pastoral Idyll auction at Christie’s London.  This isn’t period unfortunately, but is inspired by the influential 18th century garden designer Batty Langley.  There’s so much to talk about on this piece, but I particularly like the choice of stone on the top, the pockmarked stone lends a certain quality to it, grounds the design, really.  The general carving is so intricate, from the rosettes to the leaves in the feet in the frieze, and it has a formal quality while still carrying the overall garden theme with the design elements.  Now all you need is a fitting garden in which to place it!

Lot 9 Hanham Court – Pastoral Idyll – until April 14th at Christie’s London – South Kensington

English White Gothick Table

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

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